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Bethany Presbyterian Church is a community of faith who is hungry for the Word. At Bethany, we believe in a Living Word and give praise and honor to a Living God who loves, protects, leads, and sustains us. Our worship gatherings are God-centered where members are nurtured, encouraged, transformed and renewed.

We are a community of believers who gather to deepen our relationship with God, grow in our Christian faith, and discover and use our God-given gifts to the glory of God and at the service of others. Hallelujah!

Join us for service: Sundays at 10:45 am EST 

206 N. Garfield Avenue

Columbus, OH 43203

Church Banners (706 × 363 px).png
Church Banners (706 × 363 px).png

Bethany Presbyterian Church 

Celebrating 105th Anniversary  

On October 1st, we joined in jubilation to commemorate a significant milestone in the history of Bethany Presbyterian Church as we celebrated our 105th Anniversary. For over a century we've served in love, grown in faith and touched countless lives together throughout our community.


As a church we've worked consistently to spread the word of God while nurturing a spirit of unity and "faith in action".


As we reflect on the past 105 years, we are filled with gratitude for the countless lives that have been touched, the friendships forged, and the spiritual growth experienced within these sacred walls. Congratulations to every member past and present, we appreciate you and all your efforts. May God continue to bless this cherished community for generations to come.

Please click the video/images to review captures of our 105th Church Anniversary Service with guest speaker Archie Griffin


Pastor Edward & Dr. Denise Y. Lewis 


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