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MORE than a church.

We are a faith in

“Bethany Presbyterian Church is a house of worship centered on following the commands of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.  We are dedicated to sharing the Gospel, feeding the homeless, serving the loss and being community advocates against violence. 

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A praise and worship festival designed to bring the Bronzeville community, and the City of Columbus, together for a time of prayer, fellowship and celebration.


JOIN US! Together we can make a difference.

Bethany Presbyterian Church

"The Teachings of Jesus Christ"
Matthew 28: 16-20
April 17, 2023


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Sunday Christian Education | 9:30 AM

Sunday Worship Service |10:45 AM

Bethany Presbyterian Church is a community of faith who is hungry for the Word. At Bethany, we believe in a Living Word and give praise and honor to a Living God who loves, protects, leads, and sustains us. Our worship gatherings are God-centered where members are nurtured, encouraged, transformed and renewed.

We are a community of believers who gather to deepen our relationship with God, grow in our Christian faith, and discover and use our God-given gifts to the glory of God and at the service of others. Hallelujah!

To our friends and visiting guests: a warm greeting is given to you! If you are looking for a church home in the African-American tradition, we encourage you to consider making Bethany your home!

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