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White Structure

Howard Thurman

Howard Thurman (1889–1991) has been heralded for his pioneer work in race relations and his role as a spiritual advisor to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. As the first black dean at a white university and as cofounder of the first interracially pastored church in the United States, this prolific minister, mystic, and theologian offered messages of hope and transformation to those open to change and activism.

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White Structure

God Is Present With Me This Day

God is present with me this day. GOD is present with me in the midst of my anxieties. I affirm in my own heart and mind the reality of His presence. He makes immediately available to me the strength of His goodness, the reassurance of His wisdom and the heartiness of His courage. My anxieties are real; they are the result of a wide variety of experiences, some of which I understand, some of which I do not understand. One thing I know concerning my anxieties: they are real to me. Sometimes they seem more real than the presence of God. When this happens, they dominate my mood and possess my thoughts. The presence of God does not always deliver me from anxiety but it always delivers me from anxieties. Little by little, I am beginning to understand that deliverance from anxiety means fundamental growth in spiritual character and awareness. It becomes a quality of being, emerging from deep within, giving to all the dimensions of experience a vast immunity against being anxious. A ground of calm underlies experiences whatever may be the tempestuous character of events. This calm is the manifestation in life of the active, dynamic Presence of God. God is present with me this day.